BREAKING: California City Says ‘NO’ To Police

San Francisco Mayor London Breed announced a plan on Thursday to redistribute $120 million from the city’s police budget towards projects meant to aid the city’s black community.

The plan dubbed the “The Dream Keeper Initiative” will increase affordable housing investments to youth and cultural programs and a myriad of other programs. The redistributing will follow goals outlined by community leaders.

San Francisco is following a very similar plan to another California city, Los Angeles. Los Angeles is redistributing $150 million from its law enforcement budget towards programs aimed at minority groups.

San Francisco has essentially said “no” to the Police’s calls for aid as a wave of violent crime grips the city. Homicides increased by 35% in 2020, and the city has been far from safe for years.

The homeless population in San Francisco has been a problem for years, and problems like public defecation and drug use have begun to chase off residents who have chosen to flee elsewhere.

The problem will only get worse as the city is cutting millions from the Police budget. San Francisco will serve as an interesting test of the Black Lives Matter agenda and could serve as a warning to the rest of the nation.

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