BREAKING: Cali Governor Gets Very Bad News – Recall Bombshell

John Cox, who ran against California Governor Gavin Newsom in 2018, said he might challenge Newsom again if the recall effort against him gets the number of signatures it needs to be put on the ballot.

“It’s in dysfunction, almost every aspect of life,” Cox said of his state after what he called Newsom’s mishandling of the coronavirus. California was effectively shut down for months, and even with the strict measures, California now has the worst outbreak in the country.

The recall effort has 1.2 million signatures so far, and needs just under 1.5 million. One of the two groups gathering signatures, Rescue California, said it wants to get to 2 million signatures because it thinks many of them will be challenged.

California’s Secretary of State has already confirmed that 84% of the signatures they have so far are valid.

“When I ran in 2018, it was housing, and homelessness, and electricity and water and fires. Now it’s been multiplied with the pandemic, the shut down of business, keeping our kids out of school and activities and all the other issues I talked about have gotten worse,” Cox said of his chances in a rematch against Newsom. Although the 2018 race wasn’t close, Cox got more votes than any Republican candidate since Arnold Schwarzzenegger.

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