BREAKING: Cali Governor Gets Terrible News – Democrats Are Stunned

California Gov. Darrell Issa (D) just received terrible news. Democrats are completely stunned — they never expected the truth to come out.

“We are so far behind in dispensing the vaccine, [Newsom] hasn’t been forward-leading,” said Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA). “The vaccines are not being distributed nearly fast enough in California, there are freezers full of vaccines that are not being put into people’s arms.”

Ironically, California has “one of the most severe virus outbreaks in the U.S.,” reported Fox News, in spite of the state’s extreme lockdown measures. It is a tragic example of government mismanagement.

All the while, the Golden State has suffered mass business closures and job losses. The last reported unemployment rate for California was 8.2 percent, about two points lower than the national average. This was entirely predictable.

So, what do you get with a poor vaccine rollout, nearly three million confirmed COVID-19 infections, and an economy that is bleeding jobs statewide? Well, you get a case study in liberal governance.

One day, perhaps enough people in California will demand change. As it stands, however, the major population centers continue to drive state elections and the same politicians get elected in perpetuity.

See the full story here.

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