BREAKING: Buttigieg EXPOSED After Video Surfaces – It Was All A Lie

Presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg has been caught editing in applause in his town hall video.

The clip was from a May 2019 town hall in which Buttigieg was discussing the state of the economy.

Running a side by side comparison, the Center for Popular Democracy Action, a left-wing political group, showed loud applause that was absent in the original video.

Who needs real people supporting you when you can simply edit in support? This is not a good look for the Buttigieg campaign.

In the clip, Buttigieg said, “Statistically, we run the risk of being the first generation in American history to actually be worse off economically than our parents if nothing is done to change the trajectory of this economy.”

This, of course, ignores the fact that our economy has been on the rise for years now. It seems the people at the town hall were too confused about what Buttigieg was saying to applaud.

Read the full story here.

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