BREAKING: Britain Proves It’s Fake – Coronavirus Evidence Is…

The UK has removed China’s coronavirus death toll count from its official numbers because it is suspected to be “unreliable.”

“This data is used to judge the effectiveness of our own response, whether good or bad. It’s important we are comparing like with like, otherwise our own responses could be distorted leading to more deaths in the UK. Clearly No 10 believes the same as the rest of the world — that China’s data is unreliable and possibly false,” Conservative Party leader Tom Tugendhat said of the decision.

Hong Kong University experts released a study last week that estimated at least four times as many people have probably been infected in China as their official numbers state.

U.S. President Donald Trump has also doubted the accuract of China’s numbers, saying recently that he thought China’s death toll was probably the highest in the world rather than the U.S.’s because of China’s huge population.

“We don’t have the most in the world deaths, the most in the world has to be China, it’s a massive country, it’s gone through a tremendous problem with this. They must have the most,” Trump said.

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