BREAKING: Britain ATTACKS – China Is Devastated

China is threatening retaliation against Britain after Britain’s broadcasting regulator, Ofcom, attacked and pulled the license for China Global Television Network, a notorious propaganda outlet.

Beijing’s foreign ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said that Britain was engaged in “political oppression, double standards, and hypocrisy” for pulling the license.

Wenbin added that China “reserves the right to take action in response,” even though Ofcom is an independent agency from the British government.

The likely method of retaliation that China will go to is blocking the British Broadcasting Corporation and other British networks from broadcasting in China.

The founder and chairman of the UK-based think tank, Hong Kong Watch, Benedict Rogers, celebrated the decision by Ofcom to pull the CGTN license because of propaganda that the state-owned network spreads.

Rogers said, “Broadcasters who are accomplices to torture shouldn’t be given airtime in [the] UK. Indeed, they should be illegal.”

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