BREAKING: Breitbart Shutdown Notice – America Shocked

The Joe Biden machine has not even been officially inaugurated and the ultra-leftists are already showing how much they hate free speech and diverse political ideologies.

Kevin Roose, an embarrassing excuse of a reporter, recently tweeted that “right-wing” outlets are disseminating “misinformation” and that Facebook is helping them.

Uh…ok, Mr. Roose. Please tell us more how Facebook is helping conservatives.

Other than his inability to understand bias or numbers, Roose has another problem. And it’s a big one.

Every single story Roose pointed too is factually correct. Every. Single. One.

John Nolte of Breitbart News put it clearly:

All four of those stories are news stories.

All four of those stores are reporting on events that actually happened.

All four of those stories are informing readers of what is going on.

A Republican in Michigan did win an election after a glitch was found. That’s a fact. That happened.

Attorney General Barr did authorize his staff to look at voting irregularities. That’s a fact. That happened.

The Michigan legislature did hold an emergency session about election irregularities. That’s a fact. That happened.

Both of Georgia’s Republican U.S. Senate candidates — Loeffler and Perdue — did call on Georgia’s secretary of state to resign. That’s a fact. That happened.

Now if Roose thinks that he can turn the tide against stories, not because they are untrue, but because he doesn’t like them, then he’s revealing a disturbing reality about his and likely other liberals’ agenda — they want sites conservative sites, like Nolte’s Breitbart, shut down.

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