BREAKING: Border Wall BOMBSHELL – Dems Want To Hide It

A border wall bombshell just dropped and Democrats want to hide it, but the truth won’t be covered up. Anti-Trump liberals can’t argue with the facts.

Illegal border crossings in Arizona ‘plunged’ in December of 2019,” reported The Daily Wire, based upon a report from the AP. Such crossings have dropped “a staggering 90% year-over-year.”

It is all due to a policy change by President Trump on how asylum seekers are handled. Now, asylum seekers must wait in Mexico for their hearing dates instead of the United States.

The same report noted that “60,000 migrants” at the Arizona border were “taken into United States Border Protection custody in December of 2019 alone,” which is reportedly a record number.

Trump is not anti-immigrant — he is pro-American security. He realizes that a nation without a border is no nation at all, and it’s why he is insistent upon our laws being followed.

The United States is the most welcoming country in the world; we want others to experience the freedom we all enjoy. But you have to come here legally and with the best intentions in mind.

Read the full story here.

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