BREAKING: Border Wall Bombshell – Congress Shocks Stuns

Senator Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) informed Breitbart News that Republicans are demanding that the border wall and the Keystone XL pipeline must be included in Biden’s trillion-dollar infrastructure plan.

Blackburn confirmed that Republicans would not support Biden’s plan if the wall and pipeline aren’t funded.

Blackburn said, “I’m sure you’re going to see some amendments that are made to that process to that bill because we do believe that the pipeline and the border wall are [a] shovel-ready infrastructure project.”

This sets up a tricky situation for President Biden and the Democrat Party. They need Republican votes to pass Biden’s infrastructure plan, but that might require concessions.

Republicans have a golden opportunity to set up a bipartisan compromise. Democrats fund the Keystone pipeline and the border wall, and Republicans will vote for the bill.

Of course, a bipartisan compromise like that would land Biden in hot water with radical leftists. If Republicans unite on Blackburns demands, it could lead to a massive victory for Republicans who are out of power in Congress.

Read the full story here.

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  1. We have already paid for the dam wall once. Since Biden screwed it up, by closing down the work on the wall. It should come out of his paycheck and all the Democrats too. They still had to pay for the wall it was under a government contract. You don’t just cancel a government contract. Dumb A.

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  4. I like the way all the Biden lovers talk about making money on this comment board because they know Joe Biden sucks and he is a 100% failure and a child molester and they have nothing good to comment about thanks to Joe Biden and the Democrats

  5. Forget the immigrants, the American citizens, vets are the ones I am concerned about. Immigrants can go elsewhere. Let them be someone else’s problem

  6. I agree with Susan! Take care of our veterans and the homeless before any
    border jumper. Help these folks and you might even get more votes that would be legal. We don’t need illegals voting in our elections. They must be legal citizens and our veterans and most of the homeless would be. That’s why we are demanding that we have voter IDs shown at the polls. You have to show your ID to cash a check, buy alcohol or cigarettes, and a few other things.

  7. Don’t trust them when they say “I’m sure you’re going to see some amendments that are made to that process to that bill because we do believe that the pipeline and the border wall are [a] shovel-ready infrastructure project.”

    DON’T believe them until it’s in writing and signed by Joe Biden. And if they try to slip Amnesty for illegals in, tear it up. Page by page.

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