BREAKING: Boom! Trump Gets Good News From Arizona – Vote Is Now…

President Donald Trump just received good news from Arizona. The vote is now tightening and there is renewed hope of victory. One of Trump’s top aides released a statement that has Democrats trembling.

“We remain confident on an Arizona win for Pres Trump,” tweeted Steve Cortes, the Trump campaign’s senior advisor on strategy. “Yuma County (SW corner), is 60% Hispanic, and Trump won there by 8% overall 53-45%.”

“Trump’s massive Latino surge may well solidify his re-election!” Cortes continued. As it currently stands, Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden is leading in Arizona with 1,532,062 votes.

Trump, on the other hand, has 1,485,010 votes — a difference of a little over 47,000 votes. In a state like Arizona, which is historically Republican-leaning, it is crucial that every legal vote is counted.

But the media has had another agenda. Even Fox News called Arizona far too early and had to retract the projection. The Associated Press still has the state in the ‘win’ column for Biden, even though it should not be.

Meanwhile, American waits. Votes continue to roll in for Arizona, Pennsylvania, Nevada, and Georgia, and both campaigns are biting their proverbial nails. It is going to be a razor-thin victory for either Trump or Biden, regardless.

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