BREAKING: Bombshell Poll Terrifies Joe Biden – Trump Is Smiling

Two new polls out of the battleground state of Michigan show President Trump down by just one point with Black voters.

These new polls should terrify Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden’s campaign as he is now statistically tied with President Trump for the Democrat party’s most reliable voting block.

46.8% of Black respondents supported Biden to President Trump’s 45.7% which may as well be a tie as far as polls are concerned.

According to conventional wisdom, Joe Biden should be killing President Trump with the Black vote, but Biden is virtually tied with Trump in a battleground state that will be crucial to winning the election.

The news gets a little better for Biden when looking at the Hispanic vote where the former Vice President holds a 5% lead but even then those numbers are simply too close.

Within a little more than a week until election day Joe Biden is losing large chunks of what should have been reliable voting blocks. The Biden camp has to be pretty uneasy at this point.

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