BREAKING: Bombshell Photo Proves She Did It – McEnany Slams Liberals

A bombshell photograph just proved she did it. White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany is in the clear and liberals are completely frustrated — their histrionics have been slammed down once again.

“Any photos ever of #kayleighmcenany wearing a mask ever?” tweeted actor and director Michael Rapaport after discovering McEnany had contracted COVID-19. “Fkc these people,” he concluded. Apparently, he failed to do a simple Google search.

There are, in fact, several photographs of McEnany wearing a mask. Joel Pollak with Breitbart News found several, including instances from May and most recently in early October. Rapaport has made himself look like a fool.

Alas, this is a typical occurrence for Hollywood elites — they are so sure of their own ignorance that they just have to virtue-signal on social media about it. It is now the preferred activity of rich leftists with nothing else to do.

In the case of Rapaport, he couldn’t let his first tweet be the end of it — he decided to release a profanity-laced video rant as well. He even lobbed a disgusting comment at Trump’s former press secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

“Now that @PressSec has the China Virus, does this mean the return of Buffalo Sarah Sanders?” he asked. This must be what Rapaport does for a living now since he hasn’t been seen in a major movie in over 20 years.

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