BREAKING: Bombshell From Cuomo’s Daughter – America Stunned

A stunning story just erupted into the headlines involving the daughter of the scandal-ridden governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo.

Cuomo is under heavy criticism from both Republicans and Democrats to after a third accuser (this one has photographs) have made sexual harassment claims against the Governor.

But according to a new report, “New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s daughter once sold t-shirts to raise money for sexual assault awareness, calling for an end to the behavior.”

That’s awkward.

Breitbart noted that “Michaela Kennedy Cuomo, one of Cuomo’s daughters by his ex-wife Kerry Kennedy, was 17 at the time she chose to sell the shirts online through, now known as Custom Ink. The white shirts, priced at $20 each with pink lettering, read: ‘my having a good ass does not give you a right to be one.’ Also included on the t-shirt was ‘#stopsexualASSault.'”

Cuomo is facing calls to resign but as of this writing has only issued a meager apology.

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    1. Jeremiah 6:30 You can tell a tree by the fruit it bares God hasn’t changed he loves us God gave us hope through Jesus Christ

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