BREAKING: Bolton Publicly DESTROYED – He’s Finished

Former national security advisor John Bolton was just publicly destroyed. It all happened on national television — he is completely finished now. This is the end of the line for his career.

Appearing on Fox Business, White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham didn’t mince words. Rhetorically, she asked Lou Dobbs, “How much does it cost to sell out potential national security in your country?”

Grisham is making an important point here: It is “disappointing” that Bolton, “who purports to care about the national security of this country,” would go write a book right after leaving the White House.

“I mean, obviously, the information came out with the New York Times last night, and then, a couple hours later, magically, the preorder link was live,” Grisham also said, further questioning the timing.

Apparently, for disaffected DC bureaucrats, the New York Times is the preferred publication to leak to — especially at the moment, given their anti-Trump bias.

Americans will remember that the infamous James Comey memo was also leaked to the Times. It is disconcerting and dangerous that our national security would be put at risk over politics.

Read the full story here.

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