John Bolton just completely denied it. The former national security advisor has stunned supporters and critics alike — and now he is even on the bad side of presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden.

It was initially reported by at least one outlet that Bolton would be voting for Biden, however, speaking through a representative, Bolton has revealed he won’t be voting for either major party candidate.

“Let there be no doubt — he will not be voting for Trump or Biden,” said Sarah Tinsley, Bolton’s spokeswoman. She noted that “he will be writing in the name of a conservative Republican.”

Who will that be, exactly? No names have been floated about and we aren’t likely to ever know. But writing in a candidate might as well be a vote for Biden; he isn’t fooling anyone.

Regardless, it has to still stick in Biden’s craw that Bolton won’t be giving him any direct support — something that perhaps Democrats were counting on. But Bolton has another way.

Bolton’s book about his time at the Trump White House has been cleared by a federal judge for release, and it is full of anti-Trump accusations. Its release during an election year is no accident.

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