BREAKING: Bob Woodward HUMILIATED – Facts Prove He Lied

Former Trump administration chief of staff Mick Mulvaney made it clear during a Fox Business interview Monday that Bob Woodward’s book Rage didn’t get its facts right when it talked about his reaction to President Donald Trump taking out Iranian Gen. Qassem Soleimani in January.

Woodward claimed that Mulvaney was against the strike that took Soleimani out, but Mulvaney said that wasn’t true.

In truth, Woodward said the “most proud part” of his tenure as Trump’s chief of staff was the “days surrounding and after” the Soleimani attack.

“Did we consider a bunch of different alternatives before the president took action on Soleimani? Absolutely, that’s exactly what you want the president of the United States to do,” Mulvaney told Stuart Varney.

“I have absolutely no regrets about how the president handled that situation,” Mulvaney concluded.

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