BREAKING: Bloomberg Gets NAILED – Attorney General Confirms

Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody said Thursday on Fox News that the millions of dollars Michael Bloomberg gave to Florida felons to pay off their fines so they could vote should be investigated because his actions might be illegal.

“When you hear words like targeting certain voters, investing, and adding to a particular column, that doesn’t matter what party it is,” Moody said. “That triggers Florida law, which under Florida law, you cannot directly or indirectly give anything of value to persuade or entice a vote.”

Moody said she hoped the American people understood that Bloomberg’s actions were in violation of the law, and that election officials would take action to rectify the situation.

“Americans can judge for themselves,” she said. “They need to know that those that are in charge of the elections investigations are on it. I am hopeful that the FBI also takes notice. I directed them also to consider federal law.”

I just wonder what action Moody is looking to be taken–should the felons’ votes be invalidated, or Bloomberg’s money refunded, or Bloomberg be prosecuted? Or will, as usual, Democrats get away with their wrongdoing and tens of thousands of felons become new voters in Florida just in time for the presidential election?

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