BREAKING: Bill Gates Gets Tragic News – Nation Stunned

Tucker Carlson doesn’t think a Bill Gates coronavirus vaccine will end the pandemic because it “has made our leadership class more powerful than they had have ever been.”

Democrats have tried to use the pandemic to restructure the economy, control people’s activities, and institute all of their wish-list policies from the Green New Deal to mail-in voting, Carlson pointed out.

They have also tried to blame all of the coronavirus’s negative impacts on President Donald Trump despite the fact that he took early action to contain the virus as much as possible by limiting travel to the U.S. from China and Europe where it was spreading fastest.

Let’s face it: this pandemic is a dream come true for Democrats and anyone who is after more power.

Carlson asked when we would get our country back and have life the way it was in February. I fear that if Biden is elected or any Democrats stay in power, it will be a long time, if ever, before that can happen.

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