BREAKING: Bill De Blasio Gets Bad News From Home – Trump Is Laughing

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio just received some bad news from home. President Donald Trump is laughing — the far-left mayor never expected this to happen in his own neighborhood.

Standing in line to vote, de Blasio — much to his surprise — was heckled by several people. “Get to work,” said one person.
“You’re the most mayor ever,” said another. Suffice it to say, even in deep-blue NYC, voters are irate.

This likely doesn’t bode well for the mayor’s reelection chances in a couple of years, either. In the meantime, however, he is finding enough time to meddle in the personal lives of others and even in America’s favorite pastime.

According to the New York Post, de Blasio “has privately told Major League Baseball that he will do everything he can to stop Steve Cohen from buying the Mets.” But Cohen is “a hedge-fund billionaire” trying to save the team.

The mayor’s office, of course, is claiming that he is just doing his “due diligence” regarding the potential sale, but it is none of his business. This is a transaction between the MLB and Cohen. Politics should be left out of it.

But when you’re someone like de Blasio — a self-described “socialist” who believes in the all-powerful state — this would feel appropriate, even though it is not. As a fellow New Yorker belted out, “You’re the worst mayor ever.”

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