BREAKING: Bill Barr Tragedy – I Was Worried About This…

Attorney General Bill Barr has been a subject of controversy since President Trump picked him to lead the Department of Justice.

Now Bill Barr is caught up in another controversy as his opinions have drawn a lot of criticism.

The situation that American law enforcement is caught in is tragic. On one side there are “tough on crime” purists. On the other are the radical deconstructionists dedicated to removing the teeth from law enforcement.

Barr has an opportunity to find the middle ground on this issue. But instead, Barr has made it clear he sides with the tough on crime types.

This has given ammunition to his opponents who are equally problematic. Tough on crime policies have their downsides but the answer isn’t to gut law enforcement.

American law enforcement needs to find the middle ground between being tough on crime and being compassionate. Too many have been hurt by an overaggressive legal system. Barr has a great opportunity to improve the situation.

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