BREAKING: Bill Barr Springs The Trap – Trump Is Smiling

In a recent interview, Attorney General William Barr spoke to NBC News’ Pete Williams about the problems with Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s report.

Chief among them is the unavailability of key witnesses. The IG could only talk to employees at the FBI and collect their side of the story.

Former FBI director James Comey refused to keep his clearance at the FBI, so Horowitz was unable to interview him.

This is where John Durham’s investigation comes in. Horowitz did not have the investigative powers needed to find out what happened, but Durham does.

Durham will be able to force Comey to testify about what happened, and he will be able to interview others who worked with the FBI.

The IG report merely sets the stage for Durham’s investigation. Comey better get ready, because he could be seeing a subpoena very soon.

Read the full story here.

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