BREAKING: Bill Barr Reveals Probe Bombshell – Democrats Shocked

Attorney General William Barr teased on Thursday during a Fox News interview that a “development” in the Durham probe would be coming Friday, and he was true to his word.

On Friday, ex-FBI lawyer Kevin Klinesmith announced his intention to plead guilty to one count of making a false statement for altering an email that was used to obtain a FISA warrant to spy on then-candidate Donald Trump’s campaign adviser Carter Page.

It is the first criminal charge brought by John Durham, who has been looking into the origins of the Trump Russia collusion investigation that eventually led to the appointment of Robert Mueller as special prosecutor.

Clinesmith’s lawyers claimed that their client’s actions were “unintentional” and not meant to “mislead” anyone. Clinesmith thought the information was accurate, but understands that he did something wrong and takes responsibility for it, his lawyers said.

Hopefully this is the first of many wrongdoers Durham will hold accountable for their actions, no mattter how many times they claim they were “unintentional.”

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