BREAKING: Bill Barr Releases Shocking Trump Announcement – Pelosi FURIOUS

Former Attorney General William Barr sat down for an interview with FNC’s “Cavuto Live,” and said that he hadn’t “seen anything” to make him believe former President Donald Trump “committed a crime.”

The statement from Barr came as a shock as Barr has spent the past few months trying to distance himself from Trump despite being a prominent part of his presidency.

Barr’s comments were in reaction to the Democrat Jan. 6th hearings. Barr told host Neil Cavuto that “What’s come out so far has generally been known before. There were a few things that were new. But I do think there are legitimate areas of inquiry, but I also agree with the congresswoman — that this isn’t set up as an optimal mechanism for getting at the truth, and there is, obviously, a big political overlay.”

Barr said what an overwhelming majority of Americans are thinking.

The Jan. 6th committee is a political witchhunt that has had nothing new to present to the American people. More importantly, the Democrat dream of indicting Donald Trump for inciting an insurrection will never be realized.

Democrats are desperate to distract from the crashing economy and record-high inflation. Their plan isn’t working and the midterm elections will likely be a bloodbath.

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