BREAKING: Bill Barr Pulls Trigger – Facebook Won’t Be…

Attorney General William Barr said there was “something very disturbing about what’s going on” with big tech companies like Google and Twitter during an interview with Maria Bartiromo on Fox’s Sunday Morning Futures.

Barr said the companies had gained their strong market positions by marketing themselves as being “open to all comers,” but had then pulled a “bait and switch” by “starting to censor different viewpoints.”

He said that the companies are becoming a problem because of their size and ability to “dominate politically and oppress a minority.”

The DOJ has begun to push for legislation that would take away big tech’s immunity to being held accountable for the content on their platforms, since they have gone beyond removing obscene content and progressed to removing political content they find objectionable.

“Our whole Constitution insists the system was based on not having that and having a wide diversity of voices,” Barr said.

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