BREAKING: Bill Barr Pulls Trigger – Democrats Shocked

Attorney General Bill Barr pulled the trigger and shot down notions of “systemic racism” in America’s police departments.

Barr sat down for an interview with NPR’s Steve Inskeep on Thursday. Inskeep asked, “A black man in the United States, statistically, is far more likely to be shot by a police officer than someone of a different race. Why do you think that is?”

Barr shot back saying, “There are many whites who are shot unarmed by police. Now, those numbers, as I said, have been going down in the past. Five years ago it was 38 African-Americans who were unarmed were shot by police. Thirty-eight in a year. This past year it was 10. Of those. six were physically attacking the police when they were shot. So you have to put it in perspective.”

Many Americans don’t have the necessary experience to understand what police officers deal with every day. Americans have been too eager to judge police officers for doing a job they themselves know nothing about.

Barr continued saying, “I think it is wrong to demonize all the police and all the police departments, as, you know, systemically racist and going out looking to shoot unarmed black men.”

As Barr pointed out, the statistics simply do not support such a narrative. It is time for Americans to educate themselves on what police officers have to deal with before American officers decide to walk away.

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