BREAKING: Bill Barr Makes Terrifying Discovery – Alerts The Nation

Attorney General William Barr wrote in an op-ed for the Washington Post Friday that if Congress doesn’t take action by next month, the opioid crisis could get a lot worse than it already is.

Barr said that restrictions on the deadly opioid fentanyl will expire in February and foreign labs from China and Mexico stand ready to flood the U.S. with illegal forms of the drug, which is typically used legally for surgeries and on large animals.

Even a few grains of fentanyl can be enough to cause an overdose, and street drugs that are mixed even a little bit wrong have been found to cause overdoses. The drug is 80 times more powerful than heroin, which makes it cheap to make and sell illegally.

House Democratic leadership is blocking the bill from a vote and has not given a rationale for doing so, Barr said. All 50 state attorneys general have signed on to support the bill.

“Thousands of American lives are in the balance,” Barr wrote.

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