BREAKING: Bill Barr Just Stunned The World – BOOM

Attorney General Bill Barr just stunned everyone with a huge bombshell. He says the FBI was willfully ignoring the lack of evidence to pursue the Russian collusion investigation.

Barr said, “At the time of the comment made by [George] Papadopoulos that the Russians might have something that they would drop in the public that was adverse to Hillary [Clinton], that was during a period of rampant speculation in the media and political circles.”

That comment started the whole Russia collusion investigation. But when President Trump was elected, the FBI knew there was no evidence or substance to the comment.

Barr essentially confirmed that the FBI was operating with a political agenda. This correlates with the fact that bias against President Trump in the intelligence community is widespread.

George Papadopoulos spent 12 days in prison for lying to the FBI. How long will those responsible be in jail for misleading the public?

While it is unknown whether anyone will go to jail, Barr will expose all of them for what they did.

Read the full story here.

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