BREAKING: Bill Barr Fraud Announcement – Nation STUNNED

Attorney General William Barr just issued a stunning fraud announcement. The nation is completely stunned and people want answers now. President Donald Trump is involved.

“Well, it absolutely opens the floodgates to fraud,” said Barr about the push to normalize mail-in voting for everyone. “Those things are delivered into mailboxes. They can be taken out.”

“There’s questions about whether or not it even denies a secret ballot, because a lot of the states have you signing the outside of the envelope,” Barr continued. He also noted the dangers of foreign interference.

Of course, Democrats don’t seem to have a problem with this at all — and they are even denying that it would be an issue. One doesn’t have guess about the game they are trying to play.

Whereas absentee ballots are one thing, instituting a mass vote-by-mail scheme — meaning Americans wouldn’t have to vote in person anymore — is a bad idea. Trump is opposed to it as well.

As Barr said about elections during his interview on Fox News, “If anything, we should tighten them up right now.” He is right. We need to protect the right to vote by reducing the possibility of fraud.

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