BREAKING: Bill Barr Election Announcement – Durham Investigation Is…

Attorney General William Barr just issued a stunning election announcement. United States Attorney John Durham — who was appointed by Barr to investigate the Trump-Russia ‘collusion’ hoax — could be about to make a huge move.

During Barr’s testimony before the House Judiciary Committee, while he made it clear the DOJ wouldn’t “interfere” in a political investigation, he also rejected the request by a Democrat that he shouldn’t release the Durham report pre-election.

Then, Rep. Doug Collins (R-GA) appeared on Fox News and encouraged Barr to release Durham report on the origins of the ‘collusion’ hoax before Election Day on November 3. “Crime is crime,” said Collins bluntly.

He went on to say that “what we’re seeing from Durham is, he is investigating criminal activity and if he comes up with the evidence and he’s ready to bring an indictment, it needs to be brought now.”

Collins is right. Barr allowing this report to be released before the election wouldn’t constitute “interference” in it — it would be to simply get all the facts out about Democrats’ meddling in the 2016 election before Americans head to the ballot box.

You see, Democrats love to project their own failures on others. They are the ones who tried to dishonestly take down a presidential candidate — and then a duly-elected president — using the power of the federal government, and yet they have the gall to make demands.

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