BREAKING: Bill Barr Drops The Hammer – FBI In Shock

Attorney General Bill Barr dropped the hammer on the FBI and accused them of laying “A perjury trap for General Flynn.”

Barr sat down for an interview with CBS News on Thursday to discuss the dismissal of charges against former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn.

Barr said, “The FBI knew exactly what was discussed. … So there was no mystery about the call. But they initially tried some theories of how they could open another investigation, which didn’t fly. And then they found out that they had not technically closed the earlier investigation. And they kept it open for the express purpose of trying to catch, lay a perjury trap for General Flynn.”

There is no doubt about it anymore, the FBI railroaded an innocent man and if it weren’t for Flynn’s legal team he would still be in prison.

Democrats derided President Trump’s calls to drain the swamp as paranoid ravings. But now everyone can see how out of control the FBI is.

There needs to be a major change at the FBI to ensure the power of the agency isn’t used to entrap an innocent American ever again. Until there is accountability Americans cannot trust the FBI.

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