BREAKING: Bill Barr DENIES It – Democrats Are Stunned

Attorney General Bill Barr has denied that he ordered law enforcement to clear protestors outside of the White House on Monday.

Barr said that law enforcement had already been moving to clear the demonstrators before he arrived. The decision to disperse the crowd was not his.

Barr said, “They told me they were about to make the announcement and I think they stretched the announcements over 20 minutes. During the time I was there, I would periodically hear announcements. They had the Park Police mounted unit ready, so it was just a matter of execution. So I didn’t just say to them, ‘Go.'”

Clearing the protestors drew some criticism from political commentators. Ultimately Park Police had decided they needed a larger buffer around the White House.

Barr was simply there to accompany the President through the park and dispersing the crowd sooner rather than later was the appropriate decision.

Ultimately the story is inconsequential for both sides. The Park Police were right to ensure they had control over the situation and the mainstream media is being irresponsible by taking the situation out of context.

Read the full story here.

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