BREAKING: Bill Barr Confirms Rumors – It’s Over

Attorney General William Barr just confirmed the rumors in a stunning statement. It is completely over now, and our nation’s political landscape will never be the same.

“I commend Police Chief Carmen Best for her courage and leadership in restoring the rule of law in Seattle,” said Barr in a statement, noting the delicate and dangerous situation in the Capitol Hill area.

Before the city’s police chief cleared the Capitol Hill Occupied Protest (CHOP), which was previously dubbed the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ), it was falling into crime and lawlessness.

As Barr noted, “Unsurprisingly, the area became a haven for violent crime, including shootings that claimed the lives of two young people, assaults, and robberies.” It was time to act.

In fact, Seattle’s mayor, Jenny Durkan, should have acted a long time — as soon as the area became permanently occupied. Peaceful protesting is protected by the First Amendment; this was not.

But Durkan made the decision early on to appease these Marxist radicals and, tragically, some people paid with the lives and businesses. She has a lot to answer for once the dust finally settles.

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