BREAKING: Bill Barr Confirms It – Trump Shocked

Attorney General William Barr just confirmed it on national television. President Donald Trump is completely shocked and now everyone is wondering what will happen next. This is stunning.

“Obviously, black lives matter,” said Barr during an interview with ABC News. “I think … all human life is sacred. I also think that it’s being used now — is sort of distorting the debate to some extent.”

Barr, ever the consummate lawyer, continuing by giving a straightforward analysis of the situation with equal parts logical and statistics to clear up the misconception being pushed by the left.

He said the BLM label is “used really to refer exclusively to black lives that are lost to police misconduct, which have been going down,” noting “there were 40 such incidents” five years ago. Last year, there were 10.

Barr didn’t bring this up to downplay the incidents at all, but to offer much-needed perspective — and to point out that all black lives matter, including those lives tragically lost within the black community.

He said we need to compare the lives lost to police misconduct with the “8,000 homicides in the African American community. ” After all, he said, “Those are the black lives that matter, too.”

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