BREAKING: Bill Barr AGREES With Ban – Nation Shocked

Attorney General William Barr just issued a stunning announcement — he agrees with the ban. Americans across the nation are shocked and preparing for major change.

“I think we should ban chokeholds — lateral chokeholds…unless a police officer’s confronted with potentially lethal force,” said Barr during an interview on Fox News this week.

Contextually, he was responding to the protests that erupted following the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis and the calls for police reform. But he has one warning Americans need to hear.

“I think defunding the police, holding the entire police structure responsible for the actions of certain officers is wrong,” said Barr.  “And I think it’s dangerous to demonize police.”

Barr even asked people to be fair when it comes to the protesters. He said that “peaceful demonstrators shouldn’t be treated as violent extremists simply because they’re out on the streets.”

Even so, Barr has made it clear that violence will be dealt with swiftly. Shortly after the rioting broke out, he released a statement condemning the destruction and connected Antifa with “domestic terrorism.”

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