BREAKING: Biden’s Sick Iran Secret Just Got Exposed – America Stunned

Senator Tom Cotton just released an urgent warning about Joe Biden’s proposed plan with Iran.

“I just can’t imagine that the Biden administration, for instance, would lift sanctions against the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps,” said Cotton during a recent interview on Fox News. “The Trump administration imposed those sanctions. The IRGC is responsible for the deaths of hundreds of American soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan. And I’m sure that the Iranian leadership would demand that those sanctions be lifted. The IRGC has its tentacles throughout the Iranian economy. That’s why so many ayatollahs are also multi-billionaires.”

Cotton called the troops of Iran part of a “terror regime” and emphasized that Biden’s plan is to work along side them:

Is the Biden administration really going to lift sanctions against the shock troops of Iran’s terror regime? Are they really going to send hundreds of billions of dollars back to the ayatollahs? Are they really going to go back into a deal that doesn’t touch on any of Iran’s activity besides its nuclear arsenal, some of which is already starting to sunset because the deadlines in that nuclear deal five years ago were so short, but that’s what it would take to reenter this nuclear deal? That’s why it would be so shortsighted and so dangerous.

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