BREAKING: Biden’s Secret Virus Plan For America – Evidence Stuns Nation

What good is it to strong-arm Americans into being vaccinated against COVID-19 when the Biden administration is letting tens of thousands of illegal immigrants into the U.S., many of whom are infected with the virus?

That’s what Breitbart’s Chris Kobach wanted to know, as he detailed the steps Biden is taking to bring illegal immigrants into the country in unprecedented numbers.

Border Patrol checkpoints near Las Cruces, New Mexico; Marfa, Texas; and El Paso, Texas have been shut down recently, Kobach said. In addition, ICE has been effectively disabled from deporting illegals unless they are convicted felons or gang members or terrorists.

But it has become clear that Biden is only using coronavirus concerns to seize authoritarian control over Americans, rather than having any real concern about the virus.

Americans should realize this before they give up their freedoms to his control.

Read the full story here.

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  4. The best thing Americans can do is kill all the Democrats, I realize that is not most Americans would ever do but you have to look at what the Democrats are planning. They are the most hated, most evil political party on Earth. They are planning on removing the Suburbs in every state and force us into Democratic controlled cities. They love the way China controls their people so that what they are going to do to all of us. So what are you going to do ?

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