BREAKING: Biden’s Secret Plan For Future EXPOSED – Conspiracy Will Doom Nation…

President Joe Biden was caught admitting that the plan for the future is to live with the record-high inflation that is crushing the economy. The President made those remarks during a California fundraiser on Friday night.

This marks a stark change from the narrative that the White House has been feeding the American people for months.

President Biden said during the event, hosted by billionaire Haim Saban, “We’re gonna live with this inflation for a while. It’s gonna come down gradually, but we’re going to live with it for a while.”

President Biden’s inflation is set to crush the economy and could drag the nation down for years.

The irony of the President privately admitting that life is about to get much harder for normal Americans to the billionaire elites that support him is particularly exemplary of what we have seen from the Biden administration.

President Biden has offered no plan or solutions as to how he is going to solve this crisis that could change the nation forever. However, we now know the truth that there is no plan, and the President is content to let the masses suffer.

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