BREAKING: Biden’s Secret Exposed – She’s Telling EVERYTHING

President Donald Trump campaign staffer Kimberly Guilfoyle said in Breitbart News piece that media reports of Presumptive Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden and the Democrat Party having a better fundraising month than Trump and the Republicans are distorted and untrue. 

While Biden and the DNC raised $141 million in June to Trump and the RNC’s $131 million, those numbers don’t tell the whole story about this particular month.

June is the first full month Biden was the presumptive nominee, which meant donors can give up to $620,000 rather than the maximum of $5,600 contribution from an individual or $11,200 from a couple, which is federal law during a primary.

If Biden’s campaign were replicating establishment candidacies before him like Mitt Romney or John Kerry, he would have made $220-260 million in June, Guilfoyle said. Never mind that even with fundraising like that, those candidates both lost even though they outraised their opponents 66% and 100% respectively.

Biden’s $141 million was only 7% higher than Trump’s $131 million, which is pretty pathetic next to those previous candidates. Not only that, but Biden had President Barack Obama, Senator Elizabeth Warren, Senator Kamala Harris, Melissa Etheridge, Kristin Chenoweth and other Hollywood elites hold fundraisers for him, while Trump only held two fundraising events all month.

It’s pretty clear that enthusiasm for Biden is not as high as it will need to be for him to beat Trump at this point, even if he did outfundraise him for a month.

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