BREAKING: Biden’s Secret Conspiracy Spreading Across Nation – Here’s Are Details…

Fears that President Biden is trying to bolster the political prospects of the Democrat Party by importing foreign-born population blocks have been confirmed.

The Center for Immigration Studies found that the foreign-born population has hit a record-high 47 million individuals. A large part of that comes from the millions of illegal immigrants that President Biden has allowed into the United States.

Democrats are losing their influence with American voters and the obvious answer to solving that issue is to import new voters who rely on government support.

The political nature of the increase in foreign-born voter blocks has been confirmed by the fact that a large majority of those individuals are settling in key swing states that will likely decide the balance of power in both presidential and congressional races.

Democrats are overwhelmingly supported by foreign-born voters and with how much that number is going up, Democrat hopes of retaining power in the 2022 midterms may be alive.

Many Americans have written off Democrats as dead on arrival in 2022, but millions of foreign-born voters will be more than enough to keep them in power.

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