BREAKING: Biden’s New Lady Nailed In Stunning Video Footage – Eww…

Nina Jankowicz wrote as far back as November 2020 that a disinformation board like the won to which President Joe Biden just appointed her should be created, Breitbart pointed out.

In “How to Defeat Disinformation: An Agenda for the Biden Administration” in Foreign Affairs magazine in November of 2020, Jankowicz advised Biden to create the very Disinformation Governance Board he just created and called disinformation “an American pathology.”

Biden should use “new governmental structures and legislation” to fight against disinformation, including a so-called false narrative about the outcome of the 2020 election.

Jankowicz accused Trump of failing to fight disinformation and supported moves by Twitter at the time to add disclaimers to his posts that accused him of disinformation.

She also thinks the answer is more public media, such as NPR, which has long been left-leaning. Jankowicz will be nothing more than a propaganda arm for Biden, and her unconstitutional position needs to be shuttered as soon as possible.

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