BREAKING: Biden’s Family BUSTED In Spying Bombshell – White House Scrambling

The Biden family has been busted as it was recently revealed that Hunter Biden was assigned a Chinese-American secretary who fed him opposition research to help Joe Biden’s presidential campaign.

That Chinese-American secretary was given to Biden by a business associate that Biden referred to as “the chief spy of China,” according to emails obtained from Biden’s laptop.

Hunter Biden was engaged in a business deal with his uncle and the so-called “chief spy of China” in a business deal that collapsed in 2018. What is concerning about this business deal is the deep ties to the communist Chinese government.

Those ties were so concerning that the Senate Homeland Security and Finance committees got involved and investigated the relationship in September of 2020.

The secretary that was given to Hunter Biden was very invested in Joe Biden running in 2020 for President. She told Hunter that, “You need to help Uncle Joe run for president. Your father should really run for 2020 for this country. He will be one of the best presidents in our country’s history.”

Hunter Biden was engaged in business with figures with deep ties to the Chinese government and was even gifted a secretary to give ensure access to the Biden’s. Had anyone with the last name Trump been involved in any similar affair, it would be blasted in Americans’ faces 24/7. It is time we get some real answers on why the Chinese government was so interested in Joe Biden becoming President.

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  2. It’s past time to drain the swamp. We want our country back. Trump is still my president.🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  3. Let’s get to the bottom of this Chinese with Hunter Biden and his father, let the business of all this get out in the open, so Biden can be caught for Treason and then Imeach him!

  4. What is wrong with our government? Why aren’t they investigating all the criminal actions that the Bidens are involved in? We need to take back our country and if the law enforcement agencies (ie DOJ, FBI) won’t do it, lets get someone into office that will (like Trump). Enough is enough. And now Biden has not sold but given the Chinese our most important intellectual property, the vaccine formula. This is treasonous and unamerican.

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