BREAKING: Biden’s Election Secret Comes Out – Discovered Email Prove Scandal…

New emails were uncovered that show President Biden and his campaign pushed Facebook to censor posts from the Trump campaign about election integrity.

After an email exchange with the Biden administration, Facebook changed its policies to suppress discussion about election integrity. These emails prove that the Biden campaign colluded with Big Tech to control the narrative around the 2020 election.

The controversy began when the Biden campaign reached out to Facebook to have a video posted by the Trump campaign censored.

The Biden campaign argued that the Trump campaign was making a call to violence. While Facebook rejected that claim, the complaint led to several changes on Facebook.

Despite these emails, Democrats have continued to call Facebook a “right-wing propaganda machine.” The reality is Facebook collaborates with Democrats to influence the outcome of an election in a way that Russia never could.

Republicans must work to hold Facebook accountable for its actions. Facebook and other social media platforms have the ability to change the outcome of an election, and clearly, they cannot be trusted with that kind of power.

Read the full story here.

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