BREAKING: Biden’s Dirty Secret Just Exploded In His Face – America Shocked

Breitbart’s John Nolte pointed out on Wednesday that Biden has run a low-key con on the country by appearing competent when he is really anything but.

“All I know is this… Before His Fraudulency Joe Biden entered the Oval Office, peace was breaking out all over the Middle East, Russian adventurism in Ukraine was kept in check, the economy was prepared to boom, gas prices were reasonable, there were no inflation concerns, and we were vaccinating a million people a day and well on our way to herd immunity,” Nolte said.

Now, the world is stuck with “Jimmy Carter 2.0,” Nolte added.

Biden has made a lot of bad decisions in less than four months, including effectively opening the borders, making people more hesitant to get vaccines by keeping strict restrictions in place, and paying at least eight million people to stay home and not work while businesses are desperate for workers.

And don’t get me started on the impact of $5 trillion in spending on the economy and inflation. God help us get through the next three and three-quarters years with this thoroughly incompetent leader.

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16 Responses

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    1. Traitor, crazy Joe is a shame. You cannot tell me thst many people voted those two idiots into office. He and his cronies are ruining our country. Get them out.

  3. Please, someone must stop this Biden administration and go back to where we were in December 2019. Our country is being demolished and no other countries trust us and no we are not in control of our own government. Why is this continuing? Why hasn’t someone in the Democratic Party seen what is happening… it is happening to them also, or has the Biden administration got something over the representative and senators to make them comply to his orders. Wake up America, we are going to be taken over by the communist party!
    Please God help us! Help us soon. Thank you

  4. Michael Saunders, U.S. Army S.F. veteran of the Vietnam war and 23 years in law enforcement says:

    The citizens of this country should not have to put up with Joe Biden and all the very bad decisions he has made and going to make. Biden needs to be impeached and “NOW”. He is no good for this country and the people of this country. The democrats are really wanting to destroy this country in every way that they can and make people of this country that the government is much better than GOD is.

  5. We know Biden isn’t making these decisions given his mental health. So… ya gotta wonder if Obama is doing his 3rd term behind the curtain. Obama is the guy who kick started most everything that we are seeing coming out of the Biden administration now. Cloaks and Daggers.

  6. Please tell the USA citizens HOW we can impeach President Joe Biden & his insufficient V.P. who has done NOTHING for America to Date??
    We have open borders
    complete lawlessness,
    No respect from around the World, insanity flows wildly in the Streets, Police have their hands tied & the idiots running Washington have NO clue what the real every day people really want!
    Peace, God, respect, good jobs , a government for the people & BY the people & NOT big government or their payoff bribing the poor people with irrational $$$ taken from every taxpayer.

  7. The worst President/VP/House Speaker & Democratic Party EVER!!!! 2021 has been noting but turmoil, lies, hate, corruption, double standards, racism, bigotry, stupid responses to why these thing are going on & the most criminals & trader in office ever!!! Thanks Biden/Harris/Pelosi/Schumer etc. for completely trying to destroy the USA!!

  8. I just cannot understand that there are no Americans that are capable of doing SOMETHING that can put an immediate end to this complete lawlessness and complete destruction of our once great country ! ! I can see no way that America can be restored to what it has always stood for . . That the Republicans have allowed things to reach this point is difficult to comprehend ! ! ! ! ! Do the Democrats not realize that they are also going to suffer just as much as the Republicans ? ? ?

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