BREAKING: Biden’s China Conspiracy Exposed – It’s ALREADY Inside America

A number of Republicans blasted the Biden administration for removing a rule that instituted reporting requirements for so-called “Confucious Institutes.”

These colleges claim to be cultural centers but are actually connected to the Chinese government and are suspected of spreading Chinese propaganda.

“Confucius Institutes are front groups for the Chinese Communist Party on American campuses,” Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) said about the rule removal. “The federal government ought to shut down these regime-run institutes or, at a minimum, require colleges to disclose their secret agreements with them. Instead, the Biden administration is allowing a foreign influence operation to continue in the shadows.”

“We must prevent American taxpayer dollars from going to institutions that have partnerships with any entity owned, controlled, or organized under the laws of the Chinese Communist Party, which we know is censoring free speech, engaging in genocide in Xinjiang Province, and influencing American academia before our eyes,” Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY) said.

Even Sen. Mitt Romney spoke out against the Biden move: “Confucius Institutes are merely a tool for the Chinese Communist Party to spread propaganda to our youth and they have no place in Utah schools or our country.”

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