BREAKING: Biden’s Blackmail Shocks Nation [Developing]

The majority of Americans said in a recent poll that they believe President Joe Biden is intentionally allowing gas prices to rise in order to get people to use less fossil fuels.

The Convention of States/Trafalgar Group poll showed that 53% believe the rise in gas prices is intentional on Biden’s part, while 39% said they didn’t believe it was intentional and 7% weren’t sure.

The poll was released as gas prices hit another high on Friday, reaching an average of $4.986 according to AAA. The price has gone up 21 cents in just the last week and 61 cents in the last month.

Biden is refusing to take any responsibility for the increases, even though he shut down pipelines and cut off drilling leases, along with imposing other regulations.

In the end, though, it doesn’t matter what Biden thinks about whose fault it is–the American people think it’s his fault, and they are getting ready to show it at the ballot box.

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