BREAKING: Biden’s Biggest Lie EVER – He’s Ruined

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden’s biggest lie ever was just publicly exposed. The news is spreading nationwide and his political career could be ruined — he can’t escape accountability now. November is coming.

“Are you going to allow the media to lie to you, by falsely claiming that he said there were ‘very fine’ white supremacists in Charlottesville?” asked former NFL player Jack Brewer at the Republican National Convention (RNC). “He’s didn’t say that! It’s a lie!”

Brewer, who last played for the Arizona Cardinals in 2006 before retiring, also encouraged viewers to not allow the media to “ignore the so-called Black Lives Matter organization that openly — on their website — call for the destruction of the nuclear family.”

As a member of the Black Voices for Trump coalition, Brewer has shown that there isn’t a conflict between being black and supporting Trump — in spite of Biden’s recent comment that “you ain’t black” if you don’t vote for him.

But that is the Democratic Party’s attitude: Its leaders believe they own certain blocks of voters and become irate when those voters look in another direction. One could even say that Democrat politicians feel entitled to these votes.

However, Brewer said it doesn’t have to be this way. “Republicans are the party that freed the slaves, and The Party that put the first black men and women in Congres,” he said. “It’s the Party of Frederick Douglass and Abraham Lincoln – and now, Tim Scott and Donald Trump.”

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