BREAKING: Biden Withdrawal Announcement – Republicans STUNNED

House Republican Conference Chair Liz Cheney (R-WY) made it clear she is not happy with President Joe Biden’s choice to withdraw all troops from Afghanistan.

“Withdrawing our forces from Afghanistan by September 11 will only embolden the very jihadists who attacked our homeland on that day twenty years ago,” Cheney said Tuesday in a statement.

“By declaring that this withdrawal is not based on conditions on the ground, the Biden Administration is sending a dangerous signal that the United States fundamentally does not understand—or is willfully ignorant of—the terrorist threat,” she said.

“President Biden’s decision hands the Taliban and al Qaeda a propaganda victory, abandons our global leadership position, and plays into our adversaries’ hands,” she added.

Both Republicans and Democrats have criticized the decision as premature.

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10 Responses

  1. He’s not thinking. Also when do you think he actually thought of anything. His rhetoric and agendas are totally foolish.

  2. Joe Biden is not the one who is running the country. when the hell is everybody going to understand this . IT IS Nancy Pelosi and the democrat Congress that pulling his PUPPET Strings. A that Biden is there for is signing the Executive Orders to make the u.s.a. one of the poorest country that it has been in all time .

  3. Old Joe . . . spent 40 years in the Senate, but didn’t learn much, but how to get re-elected. Our current President is the perfect example why we need to LIMIT TERMS !
    Forget about expanding the Supreme Court by 4 judges- the USSC has worked very well for the 200 years. We do not need to make Puerto Rico
    the 51st state. Hey Joe get your hands around some real problems like the Border nightmare and illegals; our deficit as a start. When are you going to start trying to Unite The United States of America ???

  4. I haven’t heard any democrats praising him for the Border Crises, although he did say, “he was glad they came because of him.” His tax plan has made the companies returning to America to create more jobs for Americans, change their minds. Price of gasoline in my area is up a dollar a gallon since Biden took office, last year at this time. Prices of food and all commodities has gone up due to fuel cost increases. Common sense has left our party in charge, Screwing We The People of The United States even more! Border crisis is worse than it has ever been. He has sent troops to rioting cities, something him and his party condemned as being racist when President Trump did it!
    The worst cities for crime are the run by Democrats! Chicago has the strongest gun laws in our country and they expect criminals to hand over their guns, along with the law abiding citizens! Another example of complete STUPIDITY of the Democratic party. I don’t understand why We The People of The United States of America, whom they are sworn to protect, can’t charge them with CONSPIRACY to destroy our country, they have committed TREASON! Don’t impeach them charge them with treason and have them shot, hanged, electrocuted, or lethal injection, of course we should give them a choice, after all this is AMERICA!

  5. Obama is the one in charge him and polosi they are telling him what to do. they just need to get Biden out of there then people can see whos giving the orders, his dementia is getting worse . My sister has dementia to and theres no way in hell Id let her make deceations her mind changes every few minutes

  6. Biden has Withdrawn” from Reality! We have a “President” who was never “FIT” to be President and is about as Corrupt as they come! I believe his Entire Family has been on the Taxpayer Dole for decades! The “nut” Hunter has not fallen to far from the tree and is probably bought and payed for by the Chinese Communist Government?

    I saw the video where Joe asked “Nance” what he should do or say before some kind of press event! Can anyone imagine if President Trump said this to Mitch ?.? The Democrats would want to impeach him a THIRD TIME!

    It seems to me that the Members of the Democrat Party are the DREGS of OUR SOCIETY!

    My God, My God, why hast you forsaken U.S.?

  7. Everyone on hear needs to shout out loud and clear Biden’s committed Treason !! There is no way in h–ll that the Presidential election was not fraud !!! “Get loud” !!! Every chance you post let them know !!! They stold Americans voice the only one we have !!!! And these polls ,everyone I have seen are for the President we voted for !! “The media lies” This Administration lies !!!! And any threat of disarming Americans is a Declaration of War !!! We have got to band together !!!!!!!!

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