BREAKING: Biden Withdrawal Announcement – Attorney Generals Shock Nation

Republican Attorneys General are calling on President Joe Biden to withdraw the nomination of Vanita Gupta to be the next associate attorney general.

According to Breitbart News, “Indiana Attorney General Todd Rokita and four Republican attorneys general wrote to President Joe Biden Monday, urging him to withdraw Vanita Gupta’s nomination to be the next associate attorney general, arguing that her support for defunding law enforcement and other ‘radical’ views disqualify her for the position.”

“Ms. Gupta’s past comments and track record have demonstrated her disinterest in meaningful police reform in favor of destructive policies that would defund the police,” said a letter addressed to Biden from the group of attorneys general. “Her nomination will further divide our nation instead of implementing policies to protect our communities and support law enforcement.”

The letter specifically complains that Gupta will move policies away from safety for America:

[S]he wants to shift scarce resources to other priorities rather than hire more police. But, contrary to her line of thinking, hiring more police does reduce crime. To be sure, she has received backing recently from national organizations, but she has demonstrated a hostility to rank and file law enforcement. Should she be entrusted with making policies that will affect all local law enforcement and prosecutors, the result will be higher crime rates, more families torn apart by homicides and other violent crime, and neighborhoods where kids feel like they have no choice other than to take part in a life of crime.

To read more about Biden’s nominee and the fight against her, click here.

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