BREAKING: Biden VP Announcement – America Stunned

Former Vice President Joe Biden is back in the news. This time, a ‘VP announcement’ just dropped and America is stunned. His choice is going to have a major impact at the ballot box in November.

“So Biden’s running mate will be the most consequential VP pick in American history, and soon we’ll know who it is,” said Fox New superstar Tucker Carlson. “Apparently, the announcement is coming in the next week.”

This is why Biden’s eventual pick is unlike any other: On the off-chance that Biden becomes president, his vice president is almost assured to take his place. “He said he won’t run for a second term,” said Carlson, pointing out what is at stake this election.

It isn’t just about Biden, though he is bad enough. If he chooses Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA) as his running mate, for example, we will eventually have the most radical, left-wing idealogue and president of the United States — and we have already lived through the Obama years.

Simply put, whoever Biden chooses will be to his left politically in order to satisfy the Democratic Party’s base. President Donald Trump must win re-election — it is the only way to get our economy back on track, restore peace in the streets, and prevent America from going down the wrong path.

Then, when the election is over, America can breathe again. Trump will be able to move forward with a mandate and Democrats won’t have any standing to argue. But we have to get there first. Voters must heed Carlson’s warning and soundly defeat Biden.

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