BREAKING: Biden Video Stuns Nation – He’s FINISHED

A stunning video of former Vice President Joe Biden just stunned the nation. His campaign could be finished now — it is going to be extremely difficult to recover from this embarrassment.

During a joint appearance with former President Barack Obama, Biden embarrassed himself again by trying to respond to a prerecorded question as the two Democrats held a virtual fundraiser.

After the woman (who wasn’t asking her question in realtime) said, “Hi,” Biden asked her a question about her profession. “You’re an ICU nurse, aren’t you?” he asked. “Is that what I was told?”

Of course, she could not respond to him because it was not a live question. The awkward exchange, which was caught entirely on video, includes Obama trying desperately to remain serious.

But the hilarity did not stop there. At another point during the online event, Biden appeared to get completely lost in his thoughts and say nothing but gibberish before Obama had to bail him out.

“Stop…stop the…cold…war future that we’re talking about, we’re talking about a peaceful cold war, what are we talking about,” said Biden. Yes,  this actually happened, yet some people want to elect him president.

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